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XY-Rotation Alignment Stages

These XY-theta stages are designed for XY-rotation axes configuration.

This series is surface treated to ensure durability and resilience.

It moves in XY-plane and rotates around the center of the XY-plane.

The terms alignment table or XY-rotation stage are often used interchangeably with XY-theta stage.

These stages are compatible with OES' line of Motion Controllers..

This series of products has been featured Product Design and Development, Medical Design Technology.


  • Compact

  • Hollow or Solid Structure

  • High Stiffness and High Precision

  • Size From 100 mm by 100 mm to 1500 mm by 1500 mm

  • Super-Thin and Light-Weight

  • Pre-Pressurized the Special Cross-Roller Bearing

  • Can Be Applied to the Optic Checking Devices for Continuity


  • Panel Lamination Machinery

  • Panel Film Laminating Machines

  • Print Screen and 3D Printing

  • CNC Equipment

  • Angular Glass Cutting & Grinding Equipment

  • Wafer Alignment Equipment

  • Exposure Equipment

  • Semi-conductor Equipment



  Model No. Work Table Diameter Base Size Linear Stroke Rotary Stroke Load (kgf)
  HBT00-200HC 100 mm 410 mm by 410 mm 50 mm by 50 mm 180 45 kgf




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