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Manual Linear Ball Stainless Steel Super Thin Stage

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Manual Linear Positioning Stage Picture

This manual linear positioning is made of stainless steel 440C with an electroless nickel plating coating. The bench size is 40 X 40 mm has a body weight of 0.64 kg.

It provides side type of feed position.

The maximum load of this linear table is 19 kg.

The stroke is +/- 6.5 mm.

The movement accuracy straightness is 3 microns.

The minimum reading is 10 micro-meter with indicator scale.

  Unit: mm
Part No.. Table
Axis Feed
Travel Distance Micrometer
minimum reading
Movement accuracy
Load Capacity
Material Surface


40 by 40 XY-axis Side +/-6.5 10 micron 3 micron 19 0.64 stainless steel 440C Electroless nickel plating

Mechanical Drawing

Manual Linear Positioning Stage Mechanical Drawing

 Ordering Information

Part No. Description Amount
MYW40-SS Manual Stage, Linear Ball Stainless Steel Stages, Super Thin Stainless Steel Stage, Range of Travel +/-6.5 mm Click to Get a Quote

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