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Manual Linear Positioning Stage

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Manual Linear Positioning Stage Picture

MC2D-25 manual, dovetail, rack and pinion, XY-axis stages provide precise and accurate micrometer driven XY-axis adjustment of a top platform.

These manual XY-axis dovetail rack and pinion is made of aluminum alloy with an elegant black anodized coating.

The table sizes are 25x25 mm and have a body weight of 0.08.

The maximum load of these feed screw tables is 2.9 kg.

The stroke is +/- 5 mm.

The movement accuracy straightness is 30 microns.

The minimum reading is 0.1 micro-meter with indicator scale.


Unit: mm
Part No.. Table
Movement accuracy
Load Capacity
Material Surface
Travel Distance Travel Distance per 
Rev. of Knob
Minimum reading


25 by 25 20 micron 2.9 0.08 Brass alloy Black fluororesin finished +/- 5 17 0.1mm/indicator

Mechanical Drawing

Manual Linear Positioning Stage Mechanical Drawing

 Ordering Information

Part No. Description Amount
MC2D-25 Manual Stage, Dovetail Stage, Rack and Pinion XY-axis, Range of Travel +/-5 Click to Get a Quote

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