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Manual Linear Positioning Stage

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Manual Linear Positioning Stage Picture

MCT-41 manual, dovetail, rack and pinion, XY+Z-axis stages provide precise and accurate micrometer driven XY+Z-axis adjustment of a top platform.

These manual XY+Z-axis dovetail rack and pinion is made of aluminum alloy with an elegant black anodized coating.

The table sizes are 40 by 140 mm and have a body weight of 1.74.

The maximum load of these feed screw tables is 2 kg.

The stroke is +/- 50 mm.

The movement accuracy straightness is 30 microns.

The minimum reading is 0.1 micro-meter with indicator scale.

  Unit: mm
Part No.. Table
Axis Movement accuracy
Load Capacity
Material Surface
Travel Distance Knob No Minimum reading


40 by 140 XY+Z axis 30 micron 2 1.74 Aluminum Alloy Black anodized +/- 50 Single 0.1mm/indicator

Manual Linear Positioning Stage Mechanical Drawing
MCT 41

 Ordering Information

Part No. Description Amount
MCT-41 Manual Stage, Dovetail Stage, Rack and Pinion XYZ-axis, Range of Travel +/-50 mm Click to Get a Quote

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