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Manual Alpha-axis Goniometer Stage

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Manual Alpha-axis Goniometer Stage Picture

MXG3-57CE single-axis manual goniometers are made of brass alloy with an elegant black fluororesin coating.

The bench size is 30 X 30 mm has a body weight of 0.1 kg.

The drive mechanism is worm and worm gear. The worm gear ratios is
≈26'39'' per revolution of knob.

It provides +/-8 degrees of rotation.

The maximum load of this goniometer table is 1.5 kg.

The calibrated indicator shows of the angle of rotation.

The height of rotations is 57 mm.

  Unit: mm
Part No.. Table
Axis Load Capacity
Material Surface
Travel Distance Travel Distance per 
Rev. of Knob
Minimum reading
Height of
rotational center


30 by 30 α 1.5 0.1 Brass Alloy Black Fluororesin +/- 8 ≈26'39'' 0.1 / indicator 57

Manual Alpha-axis Goniometer Stage Mechanical Drawing

 Ordering Information

Part No. Description Amount
MXG3-57CE Manual Alpha-axis Goniometer Stage, Range of Travel +/- 8 Click to Get a Quote

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