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Manual Stages

Manual positioning stages are the cost-effective solution when a simple yet precise motion control is needed.  We offer a complete range of manual positioning hardware, including linear, rotary, angular adjustment and tilt stages as well as goniometers. 

Manual Crossed Roller Stages size 100*100



X-axis Crossed Roller Stages (38) XY-axis Crossed Roller Stages (26) Dovetail Stages (129) Linear Ball Stainless Steel Stages (40+)

XYZ-axis Positioning Stages  (20) XZ-axis Positioning Stages (16) Rotary Stages (26) Goniometer Stages (26)
Multi Axis 13mm Diameter Table with 38mm XY 360 Degree Travel  

XYZ and Rotary-axis Positioning Stages XY and Rotary-axis Stages (3) Tilt Stages (7) Vertical Stages (17)
Manual ovetail Stages X-axis Logn Stroke Manual Vertical Stages Picure Size 120*120
Simplified Stages (20) Long Stroke Rack and Pinion X-axis (4) Adapting Plates Laboratory Jacks (2)
Magnetic Bases      


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