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Motorized Linear Vertical Stage

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Structure Description

Range of Travel

10 mm

Table Size 50 mm x 74 mm
Actuator Type Lead Screw
Travel Guide

Crossed- Roller Bearing

Motor Two-Phase Stepper Motor (1.8) (SST42D2121)
Phase Resistance  
Maximum Phase Current  
9 pin DB-9 Male Connector
Pin Assignment and Description
1,2,3,4,5 Not Connected
6 Motor Phase A+
7 Motor Phase A-
8 Motor Phase B+
9 Motor Phase B-
Base Material Aluminum Alloy
Surface Treatment Black Anodized
Load capacity 10 kg
Maximum Velocity 5 mm/sec
Resolution 5 micron (Full Step); 0.25  micron (20 micro-steps per step)
Weight 1.5 kg

Typical Accuracy Description

Repeatability 7 μ
Backlash 4 μ

Mechanical Drawing

 Ordering Information

Part No. Description Amount
AT10-10 Motorized Linear Vertical Stage Click to Get a Quote

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