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Stand-alone Operation


The following are the steps that need to be taken to write, download and run the code.


1) Click on 'Code Development'.




2) Click on ‘Open File’ icon to open an existing file in the default directory; for example, x-axis-absolute-move.txt.



3) Click on the button before each download. Please make sure the status LED blinks then remains lit. The revision number should be displayed in the Incoming Messages pane.


4) Click on button to send the code from PC to the controller.


At the start of download the controller sends "Downloading from PC to Controller" which is displayed in the Incoming Messages. When the download is completed the controller sends "End of downloading" message to the PC.


5) Once the download is completed, click on and the controller will start to execute the program.



6) To store the code to non-volatile memory of the controller, repeat step 4 and 5 then click on . This will save the program in the non-volatile memory of the controller.



7) To retrieve the saved code from the non-volatile memory and run the code , click on then .



Or, you could use the Upload-and-Run pin of the command port. Please consult the Hardware Reference Manual for the location of the pin.

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