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Code Example



The controller recognizes twenty two 32-bit variables, A through V. These variables may be used to receive, store and process numeric values. The range of the variables is from -2147483647 through +2147483647.

W, X, Y, and Z store the value of step counters. These values are read only and may not be written to.

Code Example

logical and mathematical operations


The following operation may be performed on any two values or variables.


+ Addition
/ Division
< Less Than
<= Less Than or Equal
& Logical AND
| Logical OR
# Logical XOR
% Modulo
> More Than
>= More Than or Equal
* Multiplication
<> Not Equal
~ Logical One’s Complement
() Parentheses
- Subtraction
Code Example




rand variable



Places a 32-bit random value in the variable. 


Range of Value

0 - 4294967295


Controller Returns




Run, Command



rem a random value will be placed in B

rand B 

print B

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