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Manual Vertical Stages

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Manual Vertical Stages are suitable for different requirement of your application need such as loading requirement, size of positions, vertical travel distance, alignment for XY and XYZ configurations and more. These positioning stages provide excellent rigidity, seamless performance and quick motion in vertical positioning.

We offer wide selection of manually operated vertical positioning stages. Precise manual height control with superior level of micron-level sensitivity is the key feature with vertical positioning stages. Moreover, having high-Load Capacity makes it suitable for different types of heavy payloads.

Types of vertical positions include:

  • Crossed Roller

  • Laboratory Jacks

  • Rack and Pinion

Applications of vertical positioning systems:

  • Offer high load capacity

  • Comes up with lockable design by a thumbscrew

  • Excellent performance at inexpensive rate

  • Provides smooth motion over the entire vertical range

  • Cross Roller Bearing for precise motion

  • Have good capacity and stability


Manual Vertical Stages Picure

Crossed Roller (9)

Manual Vertical Stages Picure Size 120*120

Laboratory Jacks (2)

Manual Vertical Stages Picure Size 40*40

Rack and Pinion (6)


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