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Tilt Stages

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We offer full range of manual rotation and tilt stages for meeting various experimental requirement such as “feeding type” and “thumb screw type”. Tilt platform (with 2 or 3 degrees) are practically valuable for the alignment of all kinds of optical components. The platform is joined with stages either horizontally or vertically, generates a simple method for angular control.


  • Used for the alignment of prism and mirrors

  • Gives compatibility with different stages

  • Thumb screw adjusters

  • Micrometer heads and screws maintains angular adjustment

Overview of the tilt stages

Manual Tilt Stages are ideal for fine tuning angular orientation of any component, when it is rotating to a fixed angle. The platform enables convenient mounting and precise adjustment for various components, widely used for laboratory applications. Permit precise rotation components in transmissive application. The tool steel gives for a smooth and accurate trajectory with minimum eccentricity. The series “feeding type” and “thumb screw type” provides large mounting platform and lockable motion, virtually eliminates all backlashes and offers a rock-solid wobble free mount for horizontal and vertical both the ways.


  Tilt Stages Picture

Feeding Type (3)

  Tilt Stages Picture Size 125*125

Thumb Screw Type (4)


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