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Manual Dovetail Stages

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Conventional stages may not be sufficient, when longer ranges of travel are required. So, for long travel-manual dovetail stages are the perfect solution. The stage translations are driven by rack and pinion over large distance without losing the Load Capacity. Coarse drive allows quick and rapid positioning of stages, however once set in position may get locked, via clamp lever.

For long and precise positioning a conventional stage should be mounted on a dovetail stage.

The stages are categorized as X, XY and XYZ stages.

Applications of Rack and Pinion Dovetail Stages

  • Rack and Pinion Dovetail Stages

  • Provides long and fast travel

  • Gives smooth rack and pinion drive

  • Perfect solution for focus and field adjustment

  • Comparatively less susceptible to shock and vibration than bearing stages

  • Precision drive screwing

  • Tamper-resistant

  • Hex head adjustment

  • Modular for multiple application use

  • Absolute fit for OEM application

  • Rack and pinion stages are ideal for frequent operations

  • Speedy movements, when longer travels are required

  • Appropriate for integration into devices

  • Having preloaded dovetail bearing guide and rack and pinion gear drive

  • Positioning accuracy is not fine than other precision stages

Manual ovetail Stages Feeding Screw X-axis Manual ovetail Stages Size 60*60 Manual ovetail Stages X-axis Logn Stroke Manual ovetail Stages X-axis
Feeding Screw X-axis (3) Feeding Screw X-axis (4.2 mm) Lead (5) Long Stroke Rack and Pinion X-axis (4) Rack and Pinion X-axis (15)
Manual ovetail Stages Feeding Screw XY-axis Manual ovetail Stages XY-axis Manual ovetail Stages Hex Wrench Manual ovetail Stages Feeding Screw Z-axis
Feeding Screw XY-axis (3) Rack and Pinion XY-axis (15) Rack and Pinion Hex Wrench Type (9) Feeding Screw Z-axis (3) 
Manual ovetail Stages Z-axis Manual ovetail Stages XZ-axis Manual ovetail Stages XYZ-axis  
Rack and Pinion Z-axis (23) Rack and Pinion XZ-axis (16) Rack and Pinion XYZ-axis (15)  

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